So what’s your posting schedule?

Non-existent. No, really. I know it’s like the most agreed upon, worst faux pas ever in blogging circles to post without a schedule but I tried keeping several and you know what it made me? Miserable. And if there’s anything I’ve learned in 32 years, it’s that doing things that make you miserable is stupid. And doing things no one else is making you do that make you miserable is especially stupid. So I stopped doing that.

You have a bio?


Nomadic since the summer of 2007, Krys C is a former traveling tattooist and current aspiring pro MMA fighter. Her wandering has thus far brought her to somewhere between 26 and 31 countries, depending on your politics. She occasionally writes things.


I would like to properly stalk you. You have something more in-depth?

Originally from Newfoundland, Canada, I had wanderlust for years but never got around to indulging it until leaving the summer of 2007.

Hard at work in 2010.

Hard at work in 2010.

I traveled for the two years that followed, interchanging backpacking with work in Ireland (the Republic of). During that length of time, my idea of travel and what it was changed drastically. I attempted to move back to Canada September 2009 and found my itchy feet weren’t ready for stability. In May 2010, I uprooted again to move to Germany. . . and have continued moving ever since.

Then, in 2011 I made the decision to leave tattooing, my career of the better part of a decade. I had a lot of reasons for leaving a career I loved, a few of which I’ve shared here.

On Hrithik, 2011

On Hrithik in the hills of Uttarkashi, 2011

After taking some time off to be with friends and reset priorities, I began writing this blog and left for India to tour the country with my trusty Royal Enfield, ‘Hrithik’ and a New Yorker named Pete. Unfortunately, several months of Indian food got the better of me, and I had to cut the trip short to head back to Canada and regain my health.

Once my body had managed to rebuild my devastated gut flora I packed up again, this time for Australia. Intention: Find a job to pay the bills, and begin training in Mixed Martial Arts in the hopes of getting in a professional cage fight before the country booted me out. The whys of that can be found here.


Two years, two farm-stays, two gyms and a case of shingles later I have still not stepped in the cage, though I am still fully committed to doing so (hopefully in Victoria, if the idiotic government ban ever gets successfully appealed). I have learned to ride a horse, have quit both cigarettes and alcohol, and have begun learning, finally, how best to take care of my physical, mental and emotional health. The unexpected result of seeking out how to destroy an opponent has been an education in how to stop destroying myself.

I also picked tattooing back up somewhere in there because: guess what? You can stop doing a thing and then start doing it again, if you want. Decisions don’t have to be forever unless you want them to. Cool, huh?

Australia has yet to boot me out though, at the moment, it’s a bit of a near fucking thing.

I am a big believer in the idea of our having but one life, and the responsibilities that go along with that – the responsibility to ourselves to make choices that create a life we can be both happy in and proud of, and the responsibility to others: to respect their choices and to make, wherever possible, a positive impact on the people that surround us and the places that we move through.


Please don’t actually stalk me. That would make me sad.

Wait, 26 to 31 countries? Which ones?

I’ve lived and worked long term in Canada, Ireland, Germany and now Australia. I’ve lived and worked short-term in Portugal and the United States. I’ve traveled in Austria, Belgium, Bermuda, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Denmark (and Christiania), Egypt, England, France, Hungary, India, Israel, Moldova (and Transnistria), Morocco, the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Romania, Scotland, Serbia, Spain, and the Ukraine.


*Credits for photos featured on this page include Gitta Seiler for the profile shot. Jared Reid for the tattooing/fitness pics, and Peter Philips for the remaining shots, both of which are from our tour of India.


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