Published Writing

– I was fortunate enough to be awarded top spot in Leap Local’s 2011 travel writing competition, as well as have another of my pieces featured in their ‘What on Earth?’ travel magazine.

Tuk Tuk – Short narrative. Winner of Leap Local’s 2011 travel story competition
Poor Timing in Jharkhand – Narrative. Published in What on Earth? online travel magazine July 2012

The Last of the Outback Boxing Tents

– In August 2013 I traveled to the Mount Isa Rodeo to fight in an outback aussie boxing tent. I wrote about it here. The story managed to grab a bit of media attention along the way, largely due to one Lyn Battle, of Sweers Island in the Gulf of Carpentaria. She roped me into doing one of her morning ABC cooking segments.

ABC Interview #1: Krys’ French Toast with Cream Cheese (Audio, aprox. 6 1/2 minutes. Dated Aug 09 2013) Listen to me share a ridiculous recipe for French Toast on ABC Queensland. During the course of the interview I eloquently state that I’m about to ‘have my ass handed to me’ in Isa, as well as quote a less than appropriate country song lyric.

ABC Interview #2: Canadian goes 10 rounds at the Isa Rodeo (Audio, aprox. 7 1/2 minutes. Dated Aug 12 2013) The same ABC interviewer managed to catch up with me in Isa after my second fight with Beaver (yes, I fought not once but twice. Seriously, you should check out the narrative here). Listening to myself speak into a microphone is more than a little painful. I’m fucking terrible with going off on tangents. Listen to me tangent all the things, as well as abuse the word ‘absolutely’. I’m not sure if it’s just me or a Canadian thing in general to phrase statements as questions. Still, props to Elly for managing to cut out my (vast) assortment of profanities and still have enough sound bytes she’d actually be able to use on air. Slow clap, Elly. You earned that one.

The story made some print media as well.

Long Ride Will Pack Punch – The Townsville Bulletin ran this piece on Brettlyn (and her awesome fund-raising mission), in which I am mentioned (I would be the Canadian jillaroo).

Adding to Rodeo Folklore – And The North West Star ran this piece, in which they inaccurately state that I had received ‘no formal boxing training’. But they also quote Brettlyn as saying I was her most challenging fight to date. . .so my ego dictates I put this one up.

Lastly, I buckled down after the event and flexed my digital savvy muscles (so. . .my fingertips) to create this piece of cinematic excellence:

Video: Beaver vs Canada at Fred Brophy’s Boxing Tent in Mount Isa – . . .this video does exactly what it says on the tin.


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