So what’s this blog about?

Narcissistically: me, mostly. It’s a subject on which I’m a bit of an expert.

For instance, I know that, for me, this is just a penis. I mean cigar.

For instance, I know that, for me, this is just a penis. I mean cigar.

Less self-centeredly, this blog is a platform on which I post stories, experiences and ideas I feel are worth sharing in the public sphere. RTI started, back in the day (Feb 14 2012, to be exact) as a travel blog. It has since evolved, though I’m still not entirely certain into what. Should any clearer pattern emerge, I will be certain to let you know.


Why do I write? It took me a LONG time to find an answer to that question but I think I have it now:

Because I used to be miserable and now I am not, and I think the story of how I bridged that gap is worth sharing.

Because the world is broken. I don’t have all – or even many, if any – of the answers to fixing multiple broken systems, but I do believe that sharing honest individual perspectives and spreading awareness about the fact the systems are broken to begin with is a good place to start.

Because we are all limited to seeing, feeling and experiencing the world with the eyes, hearts and minds we were born with, but daring to occasionally open up and show our true, raw inner workings, as vulnerable as it may make us feel, is a way to connect and feel less alone, as well as to combat the lies popular media feeds us about how everyone ‘should’ look, feel and behave.

To share ideas in a public forum (hey there, internet) so the good ideas may take seed and spread, and so bullshit may be called on the rubbish ones, such that we may see the ways in which they are flawed, and refine our beliefs accordingly.

Because I love a good story. Make me laugh, make me smile, make me cry, make me feel something by assembling pretty words in a creative order, and I am appreciative. I have some stories I believe may do that for you, and so I offer them freely in the hopes that they do.

In short: I write in an attempt to better myself, inform/inspire/entertain you, contribute positively to the world at large, and because I enjoy writing, dammit.

I also share things, selfishly, so the world may know me better. And so my friends and family know I’m not dead.

Not dead, yo.  . . .Yet.

Not dead, yo. . .              . . .yet.

Why should I listen to you?

For the same reason you should listen to anyone – If any one or combination of these statements is true:

– The speaker/writer is somewhere you want to be, either geographically, spiritually, professionally or physically.

– You love and/or respect them.

– You are interested in their perspective, either because you agree with them, disagree with them or just because they phrase their thoughts in a manner appealing to you.

– For the lolz.

Maybe you shouldn’t listen to me. I’ll leave it to you.

So where are you that’s so special?

I do live an unconventional life in a couple different ways. I’m nomadic, and have been for the past seven years (Since August 2007). I’m polyamorous and gender blind/pansexual/strange/[insert label here that indicates I’m really not that fussed about what’s between your legs, how many of us are in the bedroom, if we use the bedroom, or whose bedroom you’re in when you’re not in mine]. I do not feel threatened by other people’s truths and am almost completely absent of judgemental rage, which has allowed me to move through and experience many different social spheres across several geographic locations.

To brag, I also do neat things: I am a tattooist by trade. I ride motorcycles long distances in exotic locations. I travel long term. I change life paths frequently and dramatically. I have, in the past, battled dysentery in India, helped build a junk rig from scratch on a Norwegian bee farm and mustered cattle by horseback in the Australian bush.

Hats: I have many.

Hats: I have many.

I currently live in Melbourne, Australia, where I work for the Mixed Martial Arts academy at which I am training towards my goal of professionally fighting in MMA.

So you’re not famous or rich or anything.

Nope. And I probably never will be. Hell, right now I’m about $5,000.00 in debt. I don’t live my life with an intention towards accruing wealth, and millions don’t tend to fall into people’s laps effortlessly.

I don’t get it. What’s your thing?

I don’t have a thing. If you need me to have a thing, say that my thing is not having a thing. Or having many things, or just being happy, or trying to be even happier, or trying to help you be happy or happier or. . .

. . .Look, I just like writing things. And sharing things. And growing through the process of doing both those things.

. . .still don’t get it.

I am just one of hundreds of thousands of people quietly attempting to better my flawed self and this flawed world in my own modest way (Should I write millions? Do you reckon millions are consciously working on the notions of self-awareness, social improvement and global consciousness? I went with hundreds of thousands. I don’t know if that’s cynical or optimistic). I feel a deep calling to do both of these things, but I’m not famous and I’m not rich and I have little to no influence, so I have only this: words and pictures and a heart I’m willing to occasionally bare raw and naked for you to poke, prod, comfort or threaten. I am, like many, just struggling to live a life of which I can be proud, and in which I can be happy. Sometimes I fail at that, other times I succeed admirably (go, me). I share stories from both instances, with an aim to inform and inspire you in your journey towards whatever you are journeying towards.

Wherever you are journeying towards it.

Wherever you are journeying towards it.

I do not profess to be an expert in anything. I profess only to be open about my perspective, curious about yours, and half decent with the word craftings.

That’s about it: This blog is a slice of my experiences, philosophy and passions presented for your public viewing, to consider, laugh at, express irritation of or feel comforted by. You can read, browse, follow or tell it to fuck off.

That is your freedom. Neat, huh?


I still have questions.

Questions are cool. I’m a questioner myself.

I feel I’ve gotten all the important shit down on this page. However, if after reading, you still feel a nagging pull to know more about RTI’s posting schedule, the sequence of my life to date, what countries I’ve been to and how many times I’ve gone around the sun (I’ll give you that one now: Just shy of 32, to date. I’m not shy about it. 1982 is a good vintage), you can check out the extended about page here.


*Credits for photos featured on this page include Jared Reid for the classy cigar pic, and Joshua Stebbings for the pic of me getting choked the fuck out. Additionally, the header image is from a photo taken by my mate Mihai Muntean during a hike we made together in Romania’s Făgăraș mountains.