Blokes You Can Trust

I’m a big fan of small business. I’m also a big fan of a good gut laugh. Given that my Friday (which was already going pretty fucking well to be honest) concluded with both these things, I was a pretty big fan of it as well.

The George, an independent cinema in the heart of St. Kilda (that would be in Melbourne for non. . .Melbournians) has recently reopened. Vicky, the mate with whom I am currently staying (who clearly has her finger firmly on the fidgety pulse of the neighborhood she calls home), suggested we check them out in all their opening night glory.

The movie they’d decided to open their doors with was an Australian documentary entitled Cosmic Psychos: Blokes You Can Trust (perhaps unsurprisingly, it is about a band called the Cosmic Psychos).

CosmicPsychosShit, it was good.

No, like really fucking good. I highly enjoyed it. So much so that I’m not going to say another word about it. I don’t want to spoil any of it’s goodness by shaping your expectations.

You should check it out though. Links to trailers will follow shortly.

But first, happy coincidence story: So, after watching this doc I said to Vicki, ‘We fucking need to see that band next time they play Melbourne.’ Because we live in a digital age, I hit the interwebs once we were home to check out their tour schedule. Feck. They’d just played here. Last week. While I was in Isa. Poop.

So when were they likely to be back around? January, it turns out, for the Big Day Out music festival.

Which a mate just gifted me a surprise ticket for just last week.

The odds, right?

So imma going to get to hear the Cosmic Psychos play Lost Cause in person and, in the meantime, you should check out this very fucking Aussie (beyond Aussie. Bogan. Yobbo. Other made up words that don’t actually exist off this rock) slice of cinema. It was unfortunately playing just the one night at the George, so you’ll have to catch it somewhere else. But you can check out other things at the George (This week they’re doing a spotlight on Tarantino and showing, among other things, Django Unchained). And you should, because independent cinema is badass.


*You can check out the George Revival Cinema and its list of current (and past and future) screenings here. Or you can check them out here on the Facebooks.
*You can check out the trailer for Cosmic Psychos: Blokes You Can Trust here, on their Big Day Out listing. They are also on the Facebooks. If you’re real keen you can also read more about the band on Wikipedia, the entry of which states “. . .[the] single, “Dead Roo” (October 1991), shed light on some Australian highway hazards. . .” Other winning Cosmic Psychos lyrics include “I love my tractor” and “You drove me up the wall I ain’t no spider”. Watch the doc. Waaaaaatch iiiiiiit.

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