Off To A. . .Start

I allowed myself an internet gorge this morning.

Image via

Image via

It was inevitable. I’ve been out bush for over 5 months so I have 5 months of humorous/thought-provoking/heart-warming shared links/comics/videos to catch up on. And if I ever claimed to not have a (very strong) streak of meme dork going through me I’d be lying through my goddamn teeth. It took me almost 2 days of travel to get back to Melbourne (the rail system, she is not speedy) and expecting to pop up off my mate’s sofa bed bright-eyed and bushy-tailed the very next morning to IMMEDIATELY START ALL THE THINGS would be. . .well, idiotically naive to the point of delusional, really.

Still. Things need doing. So, after 2 hours of watching OCD spoken poetry, checking out photo essays on why people need feminism, and reading joke posts on Avengers-themed sex toys (I would buy a Loki. I would), it was time to actually begin doing shit.

I started well. The process of my task completion went something like this:

Spent 17 minutes racking brain for the things that most immediately need doing. Among them: Pick up belongings. Find job. Find home. Unpack. Made list and sorted order in which things should be approached.

Spent 10 minutes transferring funds between accounts to make credit card payment on return transport.

Spent 10 minutes initiating conversation with mate about best time to pick my things up from storage.

Spent 40 minutes having explicit long distance flirting session via facebook chat with person who is unlikely to be in the same hemisphere as I any time soon.

. . . I regret nothing.

. . . Shit I really need to go unpack my backpack.


Spent 20 min posting this blog.

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